Under 7
Starting from the recreational and creative aspect of the game of hockey, in this phase the little tiger cubs are involved in activities designed in order to favor their development in the round, in a safe and secure environment. In this phase "have fun, entertain and share" form the basis for facing the ice as an adventure to be discovered, also promoting reliability, self-confidence and fair play in the usual family context, which distinguishes our company .

Under 9
Little tigers grow up: now is the right time to learn the rules to share the game. The workouts are based on an overall vision that combines the technical and mental, emotional and relational aspects. The style of play includes the pleasure of maintaining possession of the puck, the ability to calmly manage the game and its timing, the development of a team mentality devoted to resourcefulness and common sacrifice.

Under 11
At this point the tigers possess adequate motor skills to have fun and engage in different play roles. The values ​​that are transmitted are the sacrifice, the courage, the collaboration that our athletes must share, developing the concept of belonging and team. These are the values ​​at the base not only of the players' work, but also of those who constantly follow them and accompany them in their growth, on and off the pitch.

Under 13
Our goal is to help children bring out the best in themselves and we are sure that sport and hockey in particular are fundamental to convey educational values. With the Under 13 tigers we work on the precision of movements, on the awareness of the body, on the mastery of the skills acquired over time. From an emotional point of view, this is the time to learn to win and lose with equal dignity.

Under 15
In this phase, tigers are mature, so the goal is to train an athlete ready to make effective decisions, even in difficult and changing contexts. In other words, the player learns to adapt in the best possible way to all the situations and mutations that a game presents. Our commitment, in each Under, is to offer a sports-training project on the young hockeysta that guarantees all children to develop their sporting talent by living in environments inspired by the values ​​of sport, sharing, and respecting the principles that distinguish our society.